Tips to Always making a great smoothie


Smoothies/smoothie bowls are my go to in the morning. They are quick, easy, full of nutrients and refreshing all year round (especially in the summer).

You can pretty much put whatever you like in them. I find if I put at least one thing from each category below I always get something delicious. 


  1. Freeze your fruit (buy freezing the fruit the smoothie becomes thick and creamy)

  2. Buy good quality nut milk or make your own. Nut milk can contain many added nasties that art good for you. We recommend either buying Nutty Bruce as they don’t use plastics and have little additives. Of corse making your own in always the best. For how to make your own take a look at wellness mama

  3. Organic, people always ask me how you make your food taste good. My biggest suggestion is organic. I really don’t have to do much because mother nature has already got it covered.

  4. Don’t go crazy on the ‘boosts’. With the media pushing superfoods (for good reasons) its easy to get excited and put a lot it. But you can overload your body with too much. Try to listen to your body a feel what you need not what the media told you.

  5. Greens, smoothies are an awesome way to add in a few more greens in your day. Spinach is probably got the least taste so if your looking to add greens into your kids I recommend organic spinach.

smoothie .jpg

For combinations we love

Natasha Burbury