Why use herbs


Not only do they add flavour but they also contain numerous health benefits. 

Herbs are packed with unique anti-oxidants, vitamins and many other plant derived nutrient substances. 

Meaning they are packed with health benefits which help equip your body to boost its immunity level and promote longevity.

I always prefer to have my herbs fresh as I feel it improves the flavour but dried herbs are also fine if you are unable to get fresh. 

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Herbs I love… 

Rosemary: There is nothing better than rosemary potatoes. They also go great with red meats. 

Mint: Most commonly associated with sweet treats. It is great if you want to create a savoury middle eastern dish or Asian. Mint is also perfect in summer salads, teas, water and coconut yogurt. 

Oregano: Perfect for Mexican and mediterranean dishes. Beautiful on roasted eggplant, or really any roast vegetable. Throw it in soups and gravies. 

Thyme: Add it to roast vegetables, soups and I’m loving it with baked fish. 

Dill: I am obsessed with this herb at the at the moment. I love using it in my fermented vegetables and pickles. It is also great in salads and pairs beautifully with fish. 

Coriander:  Such a versatile herb. You really can put it in everything. Be careful though, it is one of the most polarising herbs. 

Basil: There are a couple of different types - Thai basil for soups and curry pastes while Sweet basil (the one you find most of) on fresh pizzas and pestos.  

Parsley: Add it to salads, rice or any grain dish and sprinkle over dishes. It also pairs really well with garlic. 

Sage: Goes really well with potato and I have been mixing it in with biodynamic feta. I am also in love with adding it to cultured butter. 

Chive: Similar to onion but less intense. Perfect in cashew dressings and guacamole. 

The main thing is be playful. These are suggestions but honestly the craziest combinations of flavours often works. Most importantly, have fun.

Natasha Burbury