Blessing Your Food

blessing .JPG

Ever ordered from a restaurant and you can hear the chefs yelling? When you get your food it tastes delicious but something isn’t quite right. 

You feel as though you have eaten their stress. 

The ancient greeks believed that we are all connected by energy and this energy affects humans, plants, animals and health. They also believed that the food we ate held this same energy and if treated with respect it brought ‘agapi’ (unconditional love). 

Before every meal and during preparation, take the time to give thanks to the universe for providing.  She is providing you with something that is going to nourish and give you energy to do the things you want. Secondly, thank yourself for giving this meal to your mind, body and soul. 

By taking these few minutes, as well as giving your food ‘agapi’, you are also preparing your body/digestion to eat. It is important to stop what you are doing (put down the phones/turn off the tv/walk away from the computer) and truely be with this gift that is food.

How to bless food? 


Sit down

Hold your food in two hands

Ground your feet into the earth

Take a deep breath in 

Exhale completely 

Thank the universe and yourself 

Eat with presence 

and if you can, eat with your community 

It is something so small that can give you a huge impact on your life. Take the time, because you deserve it.


Natasha Burbury