What is Right to Eat?

Working in the health food industry I find myself having this conversation regularly. 

What is right to eat? I honestly get asked this every retreat/event. A conversation that seems to be of great debate in our contemporary world, becoming more of a belief system than a dietary choice.

After testing the majority of ‘diets’ under the sun, I have come to the conclusion that…  

Every person needs to figure out what works best for them.  

Simple, I know, but I believe it is wrong to be prescribed a ‘diet’ without listening to your body first. We can all be our own guru and our own doctor. The little bit of nutritional education most of us received in school of the food pyramid or the need for meat and two veg is primarily wrong because it was communicated as a confirmed truth, for everyone. I find the idea that there should be a set of rules when it comes to eating very confusing, especially when there is so much variance in people’s lifestyles and nutritional needs. Every body is different.

What ever you feel you need to eat right now is what you need, if you give yourself permission and listen wisely. 

Don’ t just look, observe 

Don’ t just swallow, taste 

And most of all, don’t just exist under some rules that you have been told or that you have read, truly LIVE every day knowing that what you feed your body is what you need. 

Because everyday is never the same as yesterday



Close your eyes

Ground yourself in the earth 

Empty your mind by focusing on your surroundings, what do you hear? What can you feel?

Acknowledge these things and let them drift away

Take a deep breath in and exhale completely 

Now picture a whole food straight from mother earth 

What do you see? 

This is your body telling you what you need 

Today I needed eggs, from happy bio-dynamic chickens 

Natasha Burbury