Book, cookbook and podcast recommendation

So if anyone knows me well, I spend a lot of my spare time reading cookbooks, self-help books and listening to podcasts. In fact, my friends often say that most of my sentences begin with ‘so, I heard in a podcast…’. 

Well, I know how much I appreciate a good recommendation, so I thought I would use this platform to share with you once a month what I have loved lately.

I am always excited to hear what inspires you so please feel free to send across any suggestions you may have!  



Wholefood from the Ground Up

Nourishing Wisdom - Know How - Recipes

By Jude Blereau

This is so much more than your regular cookbook. I bought this book when I lived in Jindabyne in 2016 and read it cover to cover in just a few days. Jude is an Australian woman who made me fall in love with ghee, taught me the benefits of culturing and how to infuse oils. This book is a must have for any kitchen, especially if you are new to whole food cooking. 



Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers and Create a Bloody Amazing Life. Period. 

By Lisa Lister 

I can not shut up about this book. I have never read a ‘self-help’ book that has influenced my life more (and I’ve read a lot of self-help books).  All women AND men need to read this book. I will even say; it is my unofficial bible on what woman are and experience. Basically, it will help you truly understand your cycle and help you take advantage of your highs, lows and honour your time for rest. Learn how to empower your feminine powers and truly love every part of your month. 

I also love Lisa’s writing style. She writes in a ’light’ manner but with a powerful message. Personally, I find a lot of feminine empowerment books a little heavy. With Lisa, I found myself laughing out loud throughout the book.

If you are looking for an inspiring yet joyful read, then Code Red is the book for you.  



Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 3.50.43 pm.png

The Mason Taylor show: Social media and original sin with Tristan Bray 

Well it was hard to pick just one of Mason’s podcasts because they are all so enjoyable. However, I recently re-listened to this 2 part show and still found something valuable to takeaway. 

There is no escaping social media. It has integrated into pretty much everything we do and as a small business owner it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Mason and Tristan explore what it means to have a healthy relationship with social media and take a look at some of the harmful effects when used poorly. They offer up some valuable takeaways as to how to have a positive relationship with it. Leaving you inspired to use social media to your advantage rather than letting it use you. 


Written by Tash Burbury

Natasha Burbury