experience conscious catering

Burbury Whole Foods offers an experience of nourishing organic food, specialising in health retreats and functions that advocate wellness. 

Our menus cater for all specific dietary requirements. Completely free of refined sugars and processed foods, we use only organic vegetarian whole food ingredients.

Please understand that we try to buy as seasonally as possible and shop at local markets the week of the event so menu options are subject to change according to what is available. Trust that we will always try our best to provide all menu requests but will honour our local farmers before sourcing produce from overseas.

We offer a buffet style for both retreats and catering. Click below for our menu options.

We also offer a market stall for events. We can work with you to create a menu that best suits your event, adding to the overall experience.


Retreat menu

Buffet menu

Would you like a market stall at your next event?

We can work with you to create a menu that best suits your event. Making affordable and nourishing meals for your guests.



One Day Retreat Menu Example 

Morning digestive elixir

Apple cider, Lemon, ginger, turmeric, fennel, cinnamon and black pepper


Hot- Bush tomato and whole spice shakshuka / Lightly steamed baby spinach and fennel salad / Tamari and ginger marinated mushrooms / Roast pumpkin turmeric hummus.

Cold- Seasonal fruit salad/ Fig, inca berry and macadamia bircher / Wild berry chia pudding / Home made coconut vanilla yogurt 


Chickpea tempeh paddies / Mushroom masala dal/ Local greens and fresh fig salad / Whole spiced roast pumpkin slices / Roast spiced cauliflower, carrot and chickpeas salad / hazelnut and sesame dukkah / lime, ginger and tahini sauce

Afternoon tea

Banana and fig buckwheat bread served with cherrie jam

8 spice turmeric chai served on coconut milk 


Australian bush curry with seasonal veggies / Quinoa and cauliflower rice / Herbed cashew cream / Fingerlime eggplant chutney / Roasted greens and sautéed spiced kale  


Vanilla honeydew melon and avocado slice with a walnut cacao base. Served with a sour cherrie compote, caramelised buckwheat crumble and vanilla macadamia cream 

Lunch/Dinner Buffet Example

Ayurvedic vegetable dal and/or chickpea, spinach and sweet potato red curry

Ginger, ghee and herbed brown rice 

Cashew and coconut home made yogurt 

Rocket, micro herb and baby tomato salad with housemate sauerkraut 

Sweet potato and kaffir lime paddies with a sweet chilli dipping sauce 

Fingerlime onion chutney 

Healing spiced cashew dukka 

Beetroot and cardamon hummus 

Roast pumpkin turmeric hummus 

Lime guacamole  

Whole spiced rost veggies 

Rye Berkelo sourdough and gluten free seed loaf 

Seasonal fruits and berries 

Variety of cheese’s, olives and organic crackers