experience conscious catering

Burbury Whole Foods offers an experience of nourishing organic food.

We cater to all events, (whether it is a birthday, corporate lunch, hens party or wedding) always with sustainability in mind. We keep our overall waste to a minimum and ensure what does need to be discared, is done so correctly.

Our menus cater for all specific dietary requirements.

We try to buy as seasonally as possible and source our produce locally from farmers’ markets. With this in mind, the menus we create are subject to change according to what is available, as we honour our local farmers before sourcing produce from overseas.

At your next event we can provide you with an organic vegeterian buffet that comes styled with homemade cermaics by local artist Kobi Collins and Australian natives.

Below is an example of a buffet we can provide, otherwise, we are able to work with you to create a menu that best suits your event and guests. To see other menu options click here.

Buffet Example


Variety of bio-dynamic cheeses or house made cashew vegan cheeses

Organic seasonal fruits

Marinated olives in rosemary and orange zest

Cashew and wild greens pesto

Roast pumkin and turmeric hummus

Organic crackers


Ayurvedic red curry of spinach, cauliflower and sweet potato

Ginger, ghee (or olive oil) and herbed basmati rice and quinoa

Sweet potato and kaffir lime paddies

Lemon and tahini sauce

Lightly steamed kale and roast broccoli with pickled fennel and micro herbs

Whole spiced pumpkin with pomegranate

Housemate purple sauerkraut with seaweed and thyme

Tabouli with roasted almonds

Fingerlime onion chutney

Healing spiced rose petal, sunflower and almond dukkha

Rye Berkelo sourdough and gluten free seed loaf

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