Burbury Whole Foods Mission


Burbury Whole Foods is an organic and conscious catering company which specialises in health retreats, farmers’ markets and functions that advocate sustainability and wellness. 

The ingredients we source are organic and as local and seasonal as possible. We strive to take advantage and inspiration from our native wildlife, harnessing the benefits and exploring the possibilities. When cooking, there is nothing more important than high quality ingredients and here at Burbury Whole Foods we are dedicated to providing just that. We source organic as much as possible but will always prioritise using local farmers we know, rather than a certification.  

Science is constantly uncovering new benefits of food. Utilising knowledge from a variety of sources, we aim to always be at the forefront of healing with food and nutritional advice.

We believe that earth’s gift of intelligent food is to be treated with the utmost respect. During food preparation and service the food is blessed with grateful intentions. These intentions are taken throughout the day/night into your meal and into your body. 

We keep waste to an absolute minimal, with food and our processes.

Meet the team


Tash (Owner, Executive chef)

Prior to diving into the world of culinary, Natasha studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts (COFA). She uses her creative skills to not only make art but delicious and nourishing Australian inspired food as well.

“I want my art to entice the senses, touch the soul and create conversations. The same goes for my food. Food does more that just fill your belly. If your eating food straight from the earth made with love, it can cultivate something truly magical” 

Her decision to use her creativity in food was made when she lived in Canada. It is here that she found herself at the beautiful Green Moustache that treats cancer patients with the Gerson Therapy diet, a diet of organic plant based foods.  

This took her in the direction of working as a chef in whole foods/plant based cafes/restaurants around Australia. 

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Tom Profile.jpg

Tom (Owner, Director)

With a double Bachelor in Organisational Learning and International Studies, Tom has used his passion for a sustainable future and his skills in developing small business to lift the business into what it is today. 

With a background in education and innovation he plans to grow Burbury Whole Foods in a way that will inspire others to make more conscious decisions that benefit the individual, society and the planet as a whole.

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