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Organic VEGETARIAN Wholefoods Catering

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Our mission is to create knowledgeable food with the highest nutritional value that dances the taste buds and fills the soul. As well we are striving to be as sustainable as we can to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Our diverse menus cater to all dietary requirements, vegetarian, completely free of refined sugars and processed foods. 

The ingredients we source are organic and as local and seasonal as possible. 



"We were lucky enough to have wholesome treats provided by Burbury Wholefoods, who's ethos for sustainable food without plastic packaging is the foundation of their business. Tash Burbury, founder of Burbury Whole Foods has a passion for sustainable food and likes to experiment with natives like wattle seed in her recipes, which are far better suited to our climate. Burbury whole foods offers catering services so they're a great option for your next event" So Manly, (Sustainable Organisations of Manly)

"Burbury Wholefoods catered our open day and our community absolutely loved it. Their love for nutrition, taste and detail completely shone through in every aspect, whether it was the cold pressed juices in gorgeous jugs or the home made dips with beautifully roasted vegetables. I could not recommend Burbury Whole foods highly enough. We will be using them for all our events moving forward" Rachael Borg (Founder and owner of Modern Movement Yoga)

"At Billabong retreat the food is an incredibly important part of the experience and Tash delivers taste and presentation experiences that are simply first class. Using the finest natural ingredients and a special mix of love and creativity. Tash creates unique dishes that taste amazing, smell delicious and look like pieces of art" Paul Von Bergen (Founder and owner of Billabong retreat) 

"Tash inspired me to completely change my eating habits. The changes I noticed in three days of eating the food you prepared were subtle but increasingly obvious. My general health has greatly improved and so have my energy levels. I thought that I ate well but I had no idea! I now drink my morning elixir, have become mostly vegetarian and dairy free and I'm shopping at the fresh food markets and buying organic. I'm committed to this way of living and its become an integral part of my life. I can't thank you enough, you really are a gift to this world. Keep on doing what you so obviously love doing as you have quite a talent. People often say they want to make a difference in the world and you are changing lives of so many people in such an important way. Thanks you so very much for being who you are" Gwen Durham (Retreat guest)